Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010

not sure if you wouldcall it another aftershock...or a different earthquake.   had a pretty big one this morning, different epicenter, 35 miles or so NW of Port...closer to us.  don't know about any damage here yet, heard damaged buildings in Port fell.  who knew life could be so interesting??     the team of disaster assessors from Family Church in St. Louis is here, and on their way to Port and the Carefou area to see what they can, then they go back to the States to make a plan.  the nurse from Caanan called, there are nurse volunteers at te local hospitl in St. Marc who need a plac to stay.  so I will be getting the needed item for them to come here and stay today. the orphan kids are happy all day long watching movies.   they send the youngest one upstairs to just get in front of me and look at me when the movie is over.....TIME FOR ANOTHER!   the staff takes a minute here and there to see it also, they don't ge to see things like this, and frankly I am glad they can enjoy it.  we have one staff person who has\ lost 9 cousins in the Port area.  they need a distraction, and this works just fine.  so, pending any further shocks, or new quaks, or falling coconut goes on, new people come in, stay for awhile, then leave.   school is closed indefiitely.  the govt has asked for all schools to be closed until the middle of Feb. at least.   don't know how we will do this yet.  I gues until the res of life settles down some, running school will be difficult at best, so maybe we will.  so, until the next shake rattle and roll....

Bondye benis ou

Dan Joshu

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

asking for prayer for a particular group of kids. A family of 4 children from the Port area, from an orphanage who are waiting for adoption. They are staying here at the house now, the Walkers got them out at the request of their friend in the states who is going thru the adoption process.  The rules have been relaxed and they will be allowed into the country w/o finalized adoption least 3 of them.   One, the youngest, was only found a year ago, he had been living with an aunt who is now dead. The formal papers on him were not filed, as the adoption process on the others encountered many difficulties as those with any passing acquaintance to the process here can attest to.  Now, since his name was not on the "list" of those who had started the adoption process, we are hearing the US will not allow him into the country.  We are praying that this family will not be broken up, that an 8 year old will not be left to fend for himself in Haiti in another orphanage, without an older family member to watch out for him, that sense will prevail and he will be allowed to enter the US with the rest of his family to start a new life.  The main issue here is that there is no gov't to deal with to try and work out the papers here.  As we understand, practically no one in authority can be found, the president of the country can't be located, no Haitian gov't  leaders here are taking charge or trying to give the people hope that something is being done.  So, please pray for this family of brothers and sister to be kept together. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday, January, 16, 2010

I know the news is still grim, but even in the horrible things still going on in Port, the recovery starts.  flights went all night long over St. Marc, troops are coming to keep order, some supplies are here.  I know there is a long way to go, and it could get worse if they can't get enough supplies here to meet the need.  but it will happen eventually, and Haiti will recover.  this country lives from disaster to disaster, from drought to hurricane to revolt...and now to earthquake.   the people just keep going...what else can anyone do?  no doubt problems will come up, maybe revolt again, massive political unrest, who knows?   but with UN and Marines here to keep order, I think more likely it will just be the process of getting thru it.  Haitians are incredibly resilient.  life will go on.   my prayer is that from this, people will come to know again how fleeting life is, how really powerless we truly are, and how much we need God.  what else that is really good can come from this?  

Bondye benis ou

Dan Joshu

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, January 15

posting pic's on facebook, so much easier than blogger.  went to Port yesterday, couldn't get to the worst parts of the city, what pic's I have will show the nature of the damage.  some places it is sporadic damage, around Delmas area, many homes and businesses are gone.  went to Matthew 25 mission, took medical supplies and food, they will distribute to the locals who are coordinating the effort there.  it was fairly quiet there when we showed up, I think everyone was tired, it was middle afternoon and people rest.  we returned home as there was no urgent need for hands there.  will post video's on facebook also. 

last night people panicked here, someone waking everyone up saying the earthquake is coming.   panic in the streets.  it is amazing how superstitious people will react in fear.   so,  we go on today, getting ready for school next week and what is going on currently. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday, Jan 14, 2010

we are preparing to go to Port today to pick up Nancy and the medical team. the site for pick up, Matthew 25 mission, is damaged but operational and has become a triage center.  we will take all avaialble medical supplies.  I am planning on taking my backpack and staying to do what I can, if they have the space.  the need is staggering.  anyone who wished to donate can do so thru the paypal on the Walkers blogspot at or sending to Touch Ministries, 417 Rebecca St, New Martinsville, W VA, 26155.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010 9pm

just heard from Yvesner, our staff member who went to Port today.  the area where his family lived is gone. he found his family, injured but ok with exception of his sister who is missing.  He said he see's no way she could have survived. all landmarks are gone.  I fear that the good people at Matthew 25 are injured or worse. all we can do is pray and see what we find.  we are planning on bringing what food and water we can carry in, as all reports are of people w/o either. 

Bondye benis ou

Dan Joshu

January 13, 2010 4pm

and so it starts.  Rose, our cook, just came in and told us she has 4 cousins dead in Port.  we are sure to have many more like this.  Haiti is about to come to a standstill, looking for and burying the dead.  school will likely be closed for a period of time, though we have not made a final determination of this.  for those who want to come to school it would be helpful,  but we don't know how many staff we will have available.