Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010

not sure if you wouldcall it another aftershock...or a different earthquake.   had a pretty big one this morning, different epicenter, 35 miles or so NW of Port...closer to us.  don't know about any damage here yet, heard damaged buildings in Port fell.  who knew life could be so interesting??     the team of disaster assessors from Family Church in St. Louis is here, and on their way to Port and the Carefou area to see what they can, then they go back to the States to make a plan.  the nurse from Caanan called, there are nurse volunteers at te local hospitl in St. Marc who need a plac to stay.  so I will be getting the needed item for them to come here and stay today. the orphan kids are happy all day long watching movies.   they send the youngest one upstairs to just get in front of me and look at me when the movie is over.....TIME FOR ANOTHER!   the staff takes a minute here and there to see it also, they don't ge to see things like this, and frankly I am glad they can enjoy it.  we have one staff person who has\ lost 9 cousins in the Port area.  they need a distraction, and this works just fine.  so, pending any further shocks, or new quaks, or falling coconut goes on, new people come in, stay for awhile, then leave.   school is closed indefiitely.  the govt has asked for all schools to be closed until the middle of Feb. at least.   don't know how we will do this yet.  I gues until the res of life settles down some, running school will be difficult at best, so maybe we will.  so, until the next shake rattle and roll....

Bondye benis ou

Dan Joshu

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